Finding individual pace, accountability, resilience and vitality.

Private Athletic, Dance, or Mobility Sessions

Kathy Lucas movement is a specialized movement coach dedicated to inspiring clients to live the best version of themselves through motion, fitness, and dance.

One-On-One Sessions

Throughout the spectrum of our lives, we can all count on one thing. We are only and always changing. Some of these changes are significant age-related identity leaps into new life chapters which can feel like empowerment, adventure, loss/grief, confusion or even defeat.

How do we meet these significant changes through exercise and movement in a non-judgmental way? How do we chisel away at our inner critic and invite compassion, self-discipline, acceptance and creativity to our next self? What steps are needed to reconnect to a practice that delivers vitality, strength, confidence and grace?

What to expect from our Private Sessions

I’m here to meet you during these shifts in a supportive environment through a creative empowering approach to fitness and movement. All of our series include a complementary discovery session.

1. Your private session
What to expect!

  • A safe, private, non-gym environment in which to learn, grow and reclaim body, mind and spirit
  • Accountability, encouragement and acceptance of where you are on your fitness journey
  • Adaptability to your needs for each session with all the trusted support from a certified movement coach
  • Unique and effective training methods for building strength, awareness, mobility, flexibility and alignment
  • A functional and integrated approach to personalized sessions

Your private session
What it will look like!

  • You may choose to work in a Virtual or In-person setting for 45 minutes or 1 hour.
  • Choose from a single, 5-pack or 10 pack of sessions. If you sign up for a 5 or 10 pack session, you’ll have access to additional resources including follow-along workouts videos, demos, training tips, recipes and more.
  • At the start of each session, we’ll get clear about how you are feeling and what is needed to support and help you stay true to your journey and goals.

Your private session
Session Framework

  • Session protocols will vary but the framework for sessions will stay somewhat consistent to:
  1. Isolation and mobility warmup
  2. Isometric and Concentric exercises
  3. Workout or movement flow protocol
  4. Decompression/stretching

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