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Elemental Flow Series

Kathy Lucas movement is a specialized movement coach dedicated to inspiring clients to live the best version of themselves through motion, fitness, and dance.

Athleticism & mobility

Are your joints feeling stiff or achy? Do you desire to have greater range of motion and move with ease when learning a movement or flow sequence? Elemental flow is all about exploring different ranges of motion through isometric, eccentric and concentric actions. These three actions (shortening, lengthening and static activation) help us to build a well-balanced system  providing us more possibility of fluidity, strength and endurance while moving and exercising. Each 20 minute class highlights specific joint mobility exercises that are applied to a short flow or sequence of movements. We’ll discover deeper movement connection by using visualization and vocal prompts inspired by water, fire, air and earth elements. You’ll be moving like water in no time!

Our Fitness Flow Services

Whether you are looking for 1-on-1 private sessions, athletic dance coaching, or something more fitness-oriented, our different services offering everything you’re looking for. All of our movement series include a complementary discovery session and the option to take advantage of a private 1-on-1 session.

1. Fitness Flow Series
Flow to Elements

Flow to Elements is a series designed to get you stronger as well as help you to develop flow through sequencing. By exploring basic Steel Club exercises we’ll build a repertoire of movements. This is a great Introductory class and prep for other flow series.

2. Fitness Flow Series
Flow Moves

Build strength, flow and coordination through dynamic and creative movement sequences. In this series we’ll learn how to better connect to the body as we move these sequences through space, time and movement efforts. This series is most effective when classes are taken cumulatively. Flow MUVZ is a practice in finding individual pace, strength, coordination, proper alignment and grace. All levels welcome! Please wear comfortable clothing. Registrations strongly recommended.

3. Fitness Flow Series

In-person classes at Circus Culture!

116 Green St. Ithaca, NY 14850



Venmo: @Kathy-Lucas-16

Wednesday June 12th & 19th 

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Mid-day movement bliss! Deepen your range of motion with specific Isometrics & Eccentrics to feel more centered, open and aligned. A great combination of CARs (Controlled Articulated rotations), bodyweight flow and a little splash of dance for good measure! All levels welcome!

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