Develop expression, improve movement awareness and coordination

Athletic Dance Series

Kathy Lucas movement is a specialized movement coach using steel club workouts integrated with athletic dance movements to create a comprehensive workout experience.

Our athletic dance methods

Steel Clubs are an excellent tool for developing grip strength, shoulder stability and rotational core power. This long lever tool provides a unique challenge for us to connect more deeply to the core while swinging weight three dimensionally. Its unique weight swinging patterns help us to develop greater range of motion, better coordination and a deeper sense of movement awareness.

Our Athletic Dance Services

Whether you are looking for 1-on-1 private sessions, athletic dance coaching, or something more fitness-oriented, our different services offering everything you’re looking for. All of our movement series include a complementary discovery session and the option to take advantage of a private 1-on-1 session.

1. Athletic Dance Series

Flow to Elements is a series designed to get you stronger as well as help you to develop flow through sequencing. By exploring basic Steel Club exercises we’ll build a repertoire of movements. This is a great Introductory class and prep for other flow series.

2. Athletic Dance Series
Steel Club Foundations

To be released Sept 2024

4 pre-recorded videos with demos and follow-alongs | $25 full series

Using Steel Clubs is an excellent way to improve strength, conditioning and balance. This course is a cumulative series and excellent prerequisite for Steel Club Cabaret, Tango and Strength in Flow. Classes are approximately 75 minutes long.

3. Athletic Dance Series
Steel Club Jazz

Steel Club Cabaret is a strength and conditioning workout and jazz dance fusion. This workshop will combine Bob Fosse’s signature Jazz dance style featuring sultry hip rolls, turned-in pigeon toes and detailed movements with isolated Steel Club exercises. This workshop series is an excellent fit for dance studio owners who are interested in further educating their students about strength, mobility and conditioning for dancers. Build strength, coordination, confidence and dance your workout! To book this series, please scroll to the contact page.

4. Athletic Dance Series
Steel Club Tango

Steel Club Tango is an introductory dance and Steel Club fitness series for all levels of movers and fitness enthusiasts. The program combines swinging steel club movements with expressive dance combinations and graceful body-weight sequences. We begin by learning Steel Club techniques and foundations to anchor basic movement sequences which travel across the floor. All of this is topped off with the sensual and alluring expression of tango.

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