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Moving Grief

In a world that can feel so full of distance, loneliness, and division, I am all the more grateful for the moments of community, love, and connection.  The body is wise, and when we take time to become aware of how we hold ourselves, move, walk, sit or even interact with others, we have an opportunity to enter greater clarity of what may or may not need to be expressed. 

My Grief Journey

Dance had always been a home that I could retreat to in times of joy, frustration, hope and healing. It has given me permission to explore the pit of inner crises and became my personal processing tool that had no rules or filters. I cherish this relationship, which is why it felt like a dagger to my heart when the keys to my “home” didn’t quite open the door after I lost my father.

I thought, “I just need to find my way back to my body. I need to move this grief through. I’ll find some relief!” But grief grounded me into recognizing that this significant loss required a slow and more contemplative approach to moving with the grief patterns than I had and have experienced. During the beginning months of my loss, I felt heavy, sleepy, exhausted, devastated, weepy, and totally unmotivated. As an intuitive, active, sensitive, curious person, I felt as if something swooped in, pushed the “old me” out, and set up shop as a completely different being. I struggled for months thinking that there was something wrong with me. The pain of losing my father felt so immense. How could I snap back and pick up from where I left off? How could I get back to work, back to socializing, back to projects, and perhaps most genuinely, how could I make my way back into dance?

With so much change in my life, my journey of exploring ways to heal through dance would convey that this grief had a lot to teach me. I started to observe and journal some of the physical sensations that would surface through moments of grief and grieving. I’d give myself permission to sit, breathe, or move with them in ways that felt organic to my process. 

The more aware I become, the stronger my desire to use movement to chisel away at the heaviness of loss. Experimenting with moving through space manifested as a sort of “clearing. As I’ve continued to allow for more space to grieve, I give myself more freedom to move and dance through the textures, shapes, gestures and stories of grief and loss. And through this experiment, an extension of love that I have for my father grows between us, building space and opening the doors to dance again.

It is because of this curiosity, this vulnerability that I have made it a mission to help others discover the power of movement and creativity through grief and loss. 


Upcoming Moving Grief workshops

In collaboration with Hospicare Ithaca, please join me in acknowledging, honoring and releasing our stories of grief in a safe and supportive environment. Registration for events is through the Hospicare website. Please click on the links below.

Moving Grief through the Seasons
4 Part Series

Saturday, February 17, 10:00-11:30am

Wednesday, May 8, 5:30-7:00pm

Wednesday, September 11, 5:30-7:00pm

Saturday, November 2, 10:00-11:30am

Location: The second session (May 8th 5:30-7pm) will be located at FOUNDATION OF LIGHT

391 Turkey Hill Rd, Ithaca, NY

*The location for Sept 11th and Nov. 2nd be determined later.

Join us for four seasonal movement workshops in which participants discover how the seasons can have an impact on our relationship to grief and loss. In this series we will learn creative movement activities, journal, and discover ways to release stagnation in the body. You may attend all four workshops, but they stand on their own and can be attended individually. Please dress appropriately for comfort and movement. Registration is required 48 hours prior to the first session you will be attending, and there is no costFor more information contact the Bereavement staff via phone at 607-272-0212 or send an email.

Moving Grief Through the Seasons: May 8 Session is Full, submit form to be placed on wait list

Moving Stories of Love & Grief

Creating movement stories

A 7 month journey culminating to share/showcase. This is a powerful and impactful journey which takes place in a small group setting (5-8 people). Regular group sessions include journaling through prompts, chakra toning meditations, group movement activities and a movement
template to encourage and acknowledge the story that yearns to be told through movement, words, music and
writing. This project is FREE and funded by NYSCA through a GAP grant from the Community Arts Partnership of Tomkins County.

Schedule for meet-ups below. PLEASE NOTE: Registration is required for this project.

Saturday May 18th & 25th – 10-11:30am @ Circus Culture Ithaca (116 Green St, Ithaca, NY)

Saturday June 1st & 22nd 10-11:30am

Wednesday July 10th, 24th & 31st 5:30-7pm

Wednesday August 14th & 21st  5:30-7pm

*Sept, Oct & November dates to be released soon!


Movement Series

Coming Soon!

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